Noahs Ark Day Nursery

An Ofsted commended nursery situated in Sherston

Rated as Outstanding
by Ofsted 2013/ 2014

The Noah's Ark Day Nursery aims to provide a safe and stimulating environment which reflects and respects the individual child's identity, culture and heritage complementing the parents role in the development of their child. We therefore encourage parents to discuss their child's progress regularly with their Key Person, or in their absence any member of the Team. As mentioned earlier the 'Key Person' system is a means of linking one individual practitioner with an individual child and his/her parents, in order to ensure that the child's needs are continually met whilst in Nursery. Ideally children and parents will be introduced to their Key Person during the initial home visit as the child will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Key Person in their home surroundings, and the Key Person will in turn be a familiar face when the child comes into Nursery for their pre-visit.

Whilst it would be ideal for the child's Key Person to remain constant during their time at Nursery, this is not always possible. We do, however, strive to ensure that changes are kept to a minimum, and that parents/carers are notified as early as possible where an alternative Key Person is required to be introduced. 

We hold a Parents/Carers Evening in the Spring Term of each year which provides parents/carers with an opportunity to spend some time not only with their child's Key Person but also with the other Practitioners and meet (or catch up with) other parents. The evening usually proves quite a social gathering. 

Throughout the Nursery day, Practitioners will always try to be available as required by Parents/Carers. However, where this is not possible, a mutually convenient time can be arranged so that parents can discuss aspects of their child's care/learning/development in privacy and at length if necessary.

We also appreciate the involvement of parents/grandparents in sessions and a welcome is extended to family members who would like to join us to participate in activities, offer their experience relevant to a specific theme – We have had visits by Dentists, Firemen (complete with fire engine!) Farmers (complete with tractor!) Small Animal Handler (complete with small, very friendly, animals!) to name but a few – or just spend some time in a room – We really value your time.