Noahs Ark Day Nursery

An Ofsted commended nursery situated in Sherston

Rated as Outstanding
by Ofsted 2013/ 2014

Here at the Nursery from time to time we have Nursery Nurse Students and Work Experience Students, who work alongside the permanent members of the Team, expanding their childcare skills and knowledge. The details of any students we have on site at any particular time are posted in the Nursery Entrance Hall.

As a day care provider for children under five years, we are registered with Ofsted. Our Registration Certificate is displayed in the Entrance Lobby, and our most recent Ofsted report can be found on their website at

There are four activity rooms within the Nursery, all designed to be welcoming, safe and stimulating. Prior to starting each child will be allocated a base room according to their age and development. However, throughout much of the Nursery day, the children are able to enjoy a relaxed free-flow approach throughout the four rooms. This helps to promote and develop their personal and social skills in a 'family' environment, as the children benefit immensely from interaction with older and younger peers (and siblings).

The day can comprise of both child initiated play, and also more structured activities in accordance with the themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Emphasis is placed on developing the child's personal, social and emotional skills, together with their communication skills, in preparation for the transition to school.

Children are encouraged to participate in activities not only as an individual but also in groups to extend their social skills. The importance of being polite, and showing respect towards their peer group and others is also encouraged.

All the activities in which the children participate are primarily designed to make learning fun; to increase their imaginations and fulfil their natural curiosity to discover for themselves how things happen, thus providing them with the basic foundations for the wealth of information which they will acquire in the years ahead.  Many of the activities will be open-ended, allowing the children to extend their own learning whilst being appropriately supported by the Nursery's skilled practitioners. It is paramount that children are given the opportunity to fully embrace and enjoy their first experiences of learning if they are to reach their full potential.