Noahs Ark Day Nursery

An Ofsted commended nursery situated in Sherston

Rated as Outstanding
by Ofsted 2013/ 2014

Specific areas


We encourage children to explore and experiment with sounds through music rhymes, and stories. By the end of the Foundation Stage many children will be able to use their phonic knowledge to blend words and sound out words.

Children will share the enjoyment of a wide selection of books within the Nursery, both fiction and non-fiction. The Wiltshire Council Mobile Library visits the Nursery on alternate Friday mornings and this enables the children to further explore the delights which an ever-changing variety of books have to offer.

We will be looking at letter work with the children using the “Jolly Phonics" Scheme – a thorough foundation for reading and writing. It teaches the letter sounds in an enjoyable multi sensory way, and enables children to use them to read and write words. Letter formation is taught to those children who are ready. However, initially we concentrate on ensuring that the child feels happy holding a pencil correctly before progressing to teaching the basics of letter formation. We also reinforce the importance of practical aspects such as knowing and recognising their own name.

Expressive Arts and Design

We provide a stimulating environment for children to express their feelings and develop their own ideas, exploring craft, movement, imaginative play, music and role play. Their self-esteem and confidence will grow if their actions are valued and they are given opportunities to experiment and practise different ideas and skills to create their own work; developing critical thinking skills.

The children are provided opportunities to develop and explore their senses. They will be exposed to a variety of stimulating activities, using media, different craft materials and the natural environment. Each child will be given the opportunity to develop creative thoughts and ideas through the medium of music, dance and imaginative play.


We teach children the use of basic mathematic language through songs, stories and rhymes, developing an interest in the methods we use to solve practical problems. We encourage them to count, understand quantities, mark make, recognise numbers, shapes, money and time. These are carried out through a wide range of playful activities.

Understanding the World

This area of learning forms the foundation for later work in science, geography and technology. We offer a wide and stimulating curriculum which enables children to use their senses to explore the world around them (both indoors and outdoors). We look at why and how things happen through many different aspects of play, construction toys, sand and water, dressing-up; to name but a few.

We also look at Ourselves, traditions in our families, festivals which we celebrate such as birthdays and anniversaries, religious events and the pattern of the family year; at all times respecting diversity and recognising differences in our community.